Making Reuse a Part of Everyday Living Across the World.
Our ultimate aim is to provide life-changing value to the world.

We are the Valuence Group. We believe reuse isn’t about selling things when you need money. Reuse is helping your important possessions find new homes where they will continue to be valued. At the same time, reuse provides opportunities for new discoveries about oneself when investing in new items that are truly necessary. Japan has a tradition from ancient times of handing down important possessions from parent to child and grandchild. Looking back at this tradition, we can believe that perhaps even more important is to hand possessions down to others who value them as much as we did, not necessarily a blood relative. This idea is the foundation of reuse at Valuence.
And, we want more people to learn the value of reuse, incorporating this concept into their lifestyles. In the future, we hope the word reuse becomes a part of everyday living for people all across the globe. Our desire is to communicate the our unique philosophy of reuse to the world. To continue the important relationships we have built with customers throughout every stage of their lives. We will continue to take on new challenges as we pursue our mission to provide life-changing value to the world.

SOU Business Model一貫した流通体制

SOU ビジネスモデル

SOU ビジネスモデル

Buying Business

Connecting the “Value”
of your good
to the new investment
of your life.

Our business is not just to stick a tag price on things that are not used anymore. We listen to the memories and stories about things, and then we decide the value. We place a great value over bringing satisfaction to every business deal. From “buying and using” to “selling and connecting”, our customer make a new investment on themselves that further brings new excitement and stimulation to their daily lives. We want to be the cause of it.

Auction Business

An Industry Hub and
the Largest Auction Platform
in the World.                         

Our auction business stands together with our buying business as a pillar upon which we drive our reuse activity forward. In Japan, we conduct BtoB auctions of luxury brand goods, antiques, and art objects. In Hong Kong, we conduct BtoB auctions of diamonds and other jewelry. Since launch, we have seen ever-increasing numbers of registered dealers and more buyers from around the world participating in our auctions. Our aim is to become a reuse industry hub, leveraging our strengths in purchasing and overwhelming selection and value.

Sales Business

B to C Sales business
that brings about new
meeting opportunities
for our customers.

We want to make the reuse products more familiar to the people, and expand shopping options to our customers. With this idea, we have launched the B to C sales as our new business in 2016. Our idea is to bring about enjoying experience and meeting opportunities by selling high quality goods and rare items to our customers.

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Manage and leverage your personal assets with more convenience, more insight, and more freedom

The value of your assets change over time. Miney is an app that provides visibility to the current value of these assets. Knowing the present value of your luxury brand bags, watches, and other goods allows you the option to sell and upgrade, make new discoveries, or keep your assets safe…Miney provides support for you to manage and effectively own your assets.

  • Miney

Real Estate Business

Lifelong Relationships
With Every Customer.

Every purchase and sale of a luxury brand goods, antique, or art object is an opportunity for a life-changing relationship. This is why we launched our real estate business in June 2020, striving to provide advice to our customers at every life stage.

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